Unlocking your account

After registering for FGP Dental Office Toolkit an unlock code will be sent to your service office email and/or mailing address on file to activate your Dental Office Toolkit account and complete the registration process. If there is a service office email address on file, an email will be sent to you with an unlock code within 24 hours. In addition, a letter with the unlock code will be mailed to your service office address on file. If there is no service office email address on file, a letter with an unlock code will be mailed to your service office location.

If you have lost your unlock code, please call FGP Customer Service Center at 844-825-8111.

  1. Click the Unlock Account. Click here link on the DOT login screen.
  2. The Unlock Account screen appears. Enter your username in the User Name field.
  3. Enter the unlock code into the Enter Unlock Code field.
  4. Click on the Unlock Account button.
  5. If the unlock code is correct, the Welcome screen will appear. If it is not correct you will get an error message and be prompted to call FGP Customer Service at 844-825-8111.

After you have successfully unlocked your DOT account, your user name and password are all you need to access your account.

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Last updated 7/7/2016